Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed how much there is happening at TGS? I’m sure that there are lots of us who might like it if the Bulletin was ‘uncluttered’ and there were always few upfront Notices … but we want to let you know about the many things that are part of our church family life! Also, as there are numerous people who aren’t here every week we need to announce some things multiple times.

Anyway, on a more positive note — it is exciting how much is happening in our church. Which means that it is exciting how much ministry multiple people are doing: how much time, prayer and effort so many people put in. Which is great. Thank you. Today’s Bulletin and Notices are a classic example of this.

You will probably also have noticed that we want to keep you informed and enthused about numerous ‘mission’ or the the-like organisations that TGS people are involved with personally or that we support as a church — like Cairns Street Chaplains: today, Rachel (Eurasia): two weeks ago, and hopefully Rev. Victor Joseph from Wontulp Bi-Buya (WTBB) College next month. I know that I wasn’t enthusiastic about supporting WTBB until I found out what they do, but now I’m really looking forward to Victor telling us about them.

As there are so many of these ‘extra’ updates etc. and we are conscious of the length of the Services at 9:30am, we are now often having the Lord’s Supper every second week. The Scriptures don’t mandate how often we must have it, many (Anglican) churches celebrate the Lord’s Supper every second week (or less), and it helps us with the length of the Service, so it seems a wise and sensible way to go. 7am continues to have the Lord’s Supper just about every Sunday.

So … have you noticed that in this lead up to Christmas there is a lot happening here in our church? There are many ways for you to grow in your faith, help the gospel be shared to others, and fellowship with one another. I hope that you take these opportunities with both hands!

So, I’ll see you at the church family lunch at Goomboora Park later today.

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020