He Nailed It!

Did you know that Tuesday is an anniversary many people are celebrating throughout the world?

Two days’ time is the 500th anniversary of an unheard-of monk in a small and unimportant city in Germany nailing 95 ideas for discussion on a notice board … and because of what happened after that the world is a very different place in many, many ways!

The man was Martin Luther; the date was October 21, 1517; the document is now called The 95 Theses; the place was the castle door in Wittenberg; and the movement which arose … is called the (Protestant) Reformation.

Whether they realise it or not, every person in the Western World (& many others elsewhere, too) has been shaped and influenced by the Reformation — even if they are an atheist, because the Reformation helped shape Western ideas like: the dignity of individuals and of so-called ‘secular’ work (whether at home or not, paid or voluntary), modern science, freedom of conscience and religion.

If you like having a Bible in English (or any other vernacular language in the world) — you are thankful for the Reformation (& for William Tyndale, who was executed for translating it into English);

If you like church on Sunday being in English — you are thankful for the Reformation;

If you like that Australia allows people to choose their own religion, irrespective of what the rulers of the country believe — you are thankful for the Reformation.

Before the Reformation the Church believed in 1) the Bible 2) grace 3) faith 4) Christ, and 5) glorifying God. However, the Reformation led to, again, ‘alone’ widely being practiced i.e.:

1) The Bible alone is our ultimate authority;

2) Salvation is by grace alone without any works of ours having saving merit;

3) How we are counted righteous is through faith alone—solely by trust in the merits of Christ’s death for us, not by any works of ours;

4) Salvation is by Christ alone and he is our only mediator with God

5) The above four lead to all glory going ultimately and rightfully, to God alone.

The Reformation spread to other parts of mainland Europe, to the U.K.

God used even Henry the VIII’s ‘desires’ to reform his Church there … and then from there to places like Australia! So praise God and thank him for the Reformation!





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September 13, 2020