Healthy Habits

I mentioned in last Sunday’s sermon about a bookmark that I made up, not long after I became a Christian. I spoke about how it helped me to put into place those things, reflected in the Scriptures, that one needed to be doing, so that one’s walk with Jesus was faithful. I also commended to you, my vast experience with the available ’clipart’ way back then!

Now, some of you have asked me for a copy of it, so here it is. These are the five things that I thought necessary—still do today—that I believe one needs to put into place: a daily time with God; a weekly tithe to God; a weekly rest to God; regular giving to those in need, and regular fellowship with God’s people.

What one, might God be on your back about at the moment? I have found that even though I now do these five things, I sometimes wander slightly away from them at times. And for me, it is the Sabbath rest that I need to work at—sorry about the pun. Because I am on a couple of committees (very helpful kingdom ones I might say), and because they involve the meeting of various other church leaders, and travelling to them, it sometimes means that I am working when I should be resting, and although our wardens here (unpaid elders) are always on to me about it, I find it hard to take an alternate day as my Sabbath rest, when this occurs. And so, yes, this is the one area, that I find I continually need to be most intentional about—as something regularly keeps coming up.

So, what area of Christian living, do you need to be more intentional about, or perhaps review, or perhaps start for the first time? Now is the day of salvation. Now is the time to act (2 Corinthians 6:2). We never know what tomorrow might bring.




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