Heart for the Lost

I’m not sure how many know that we as a church at TGS support 12 mission agencies or missionaries. Each mission/aries we support is allocated to a month of the year and during that month we dedicate ourselves to praying for the mission/aries and when appropriate we have a mission spot at church.


The month of August focuses on The Gideons.

The Gideons are a mission organisation that distribute bibles all over the world. They often reach people who have no contact with churches and who otherwise might not have been reached for the Lord Jesus Christ. Think of how every hotel room has a bible in it. This is just one way they reach the           unreached.

The Gideons have distributed close to 16 million Bibles and New Testaments since the establishment of The Gideons International in Australia in 1956. The members of the mission personally distribute Bibles and New Testaments to Year 7 students, tertiary students, police, fire brigade, medical and military personnel and more.

The Bible is the power of God’s word to speak into the lives of those who read it. There are countless stories of people coming to faith from simply reading a Bible they were given by the Gideons.


The members of the mission agency believe that each time they give out a   bible it has the potential to:

  • Plant powerful seeds that God can use in His timing. (I Corinthians 3:6)
  • Allow people to read the truth for themselves. (John 8:32)
  • Provide a continuing witness when the Gideon is no longer present. (Heb 4:12)
  • Enable people reached to reach others with the truth about Jesus. (II Tim 2:2)
  • Encourage new Christians to grow through personal Bible study. (II Tim 2:15)

Please join with TGS in praying for and supporting the Gideons as they seek to win the lost for Christ.

Chris Forder


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