Here’s what you missed – NQCC ’18

  • 25 TGS people went to this year’s North Qld Christian Convention at Mission Beach. It was excellent! The Bible teaching was very good, the music and singing was praise honouring to God and encouraging to us, and it was very good to catch up with people from ‘down south’.
  • We were also blessed with a week’s holiday before the conference and those walks on the beach and sea breezes are just lovely! It truly is an amazing part of God’s creation – and one reason he made it is so we can enjoy it. What a loving, thoughtful God!
  • Ray Galea spoke on Romans Chapter 8, which is such a great part of God’s word. Ray (rightly) said that God wanted us ‘to swim in a sea of certainty.’ Even in the midst of our repeated sinning, and suffering, you and I can be certain that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that we will reach glory. Even now, Jesus and the Spirit help us. So, in the midst of your struggle against and with sin and suffering, be encouraged. It can hurt and be rough, but better things are coming.
  • Murray Lean encouraged us from Malachi. Murray’s love, gentleness and humility all came through as he showed us God’s faithfulness to the Israelites of Malachi’s time and his faithfulness to us in Christ today.
  • It really is good to have time to talk with other Christians that we don’t see often. True Christian fellowship is a great blessing.

And, as an added ‘bonus’, we (like lots of people) saw a Cassowary and 3 chicks; they were only about 4 metres away from us.

So, NQCC … I hope you want to come next year!




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September 13, 2020