Holiday Reflections

Do you ever find that when you go on holidays and have a chance to pause, spend time with God unpressured and reflect, and ‘hear’ answers from God? I want to share with you briefly 2 things that I have been reflecting on and how God has helped me.

                 Hospitality I know that God wants us at TGS to grow, to build his kingdom and make disciples. And I am constantly looking for ways in our day and age to do this. What is clear is that we have so much technology, we are so ‘connected’, maybe this is a way to make disciples? However, with all this technology people feel so lonely. And that is because we are not made for technology, we are made for relationships. Something that has been on my heart for a while is hospitality. That is, the ministry of having someone over to your house for a meal. I recently met with another minister in Cairns who said that they have regular meals with new people. In fact, he said it is better if you can invite them to a meal straight after the service. He said this has a 95% rate of them returning and joining the church. People are looking for relationships, a community, somewhere they can belong. It is clear that sharing a meal with others creates a bond, a fellowship, a sense of community that others things can’t. I wonder if we at TGS could ever have the eyes to look for the new comer and a heart to invite them to a meal at our house (with other Christians), if we would see unbelievers won for Christ through humble hospitality?

The Postal Vote on Same-Sex Marriage As I reflected on this, it became clear to me that we are in a spiritual battle. Satan wants to lead people away from Jesus and deep into sin. And I am not just talking about legalising same-sex marriage. Satan would love to legalise a sin but he also wants Christians to react in sinful ways through attitudes, words and actions. I feel if we are not careful Satan will have succussed in causing many of God’s people sin through pride, self-righteousness, hatred, gossip, slander, … on this current debate. As Christ followers we are called to love our neighbours, no matter their race, religion, sexuality, job, etc. In this campaign Christians have been abused generally and even individually and we are love and pray for our abusers. We are to stop and ask God how he wants us to respond. Respond in a righteous and holy way. Respond in a way that doesn’t fall into Satan’s schemes to cause God’s people to sin.

Friends, may we love and serve all people, making disciples of Jesus to the glory of God. And may we respond in righteousness and holiness to everyone in regard to the same sex marriage debate.



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