Holiday Surprises

If you ask a lot of children and teenagers what they are going to do on their (long) holidays a lot of them don’t know. I guess that’s a luxury they have when they have so many and such long holidays during the year! Well, my family’s recent holiday was planned out, but there were still some lovely surprises for us. Let me mention a few —

  • There were more church connections than we realised. While on holidays we went to a baptism of a relative, and discovered that numerous of the people at the baptism are regular members of a church, which was great. At least some of these churches seem to be gospel centred and Christ focused, so Renee and I were very encouraged by this. It was lovely to have an atmosphere which people were happy for church things to be talked about. When you spend time with family and/or friends this Christmas, I wonder if you might also find people happy to talk about church things. You too might be surprised!
  • Both Stanthorpe and Toowoomba were warmer than we expected! I’ve been to both of them in Winter: cold is definitely the word then — but not this time!
  • NSW is a nice place (well, the parts we went too, anyway). As a QLD’er, am I really saying this? Yes. It’s good to remember that ultimately we are Australians over and above being Queenslanders …
  • This last one isn’t really a surprise, but a great reminder: the wonderful parts of the holiday and lovely places we saw and experienced remind us that God loves his people and his creation. Therefore, he will not give up on either this world or us but will renew his creation and complete his work of recreating us into the image of his Son. God perseveres with me, you, and all his creation and new-creations in Christ. What a wonderful, loving God he is!

Christmas reminds us forcefully that our great God is so committed to his world and the people of it that Father, Son and Spirit mutually agreed for the eternal Son to take on humanity so that he could die for his people’s sins.

Thank Him! Praise Him! 

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020