What do you think of when you hear the word “hope”? As Lachlan and I are working our way through the Star Wars series, the title “A New Hope” comes to mind. The hope that someone will rescue or bring aid in the fight against evil. A message for help was sent to Obiwan saying he was their only hope, but it is Luke Skywalker who actually helped them in the end.

Maybe you don’t care about Star Wars, and that’s ok, it’s not for everyone. But, like many others maybe you hope there will be a new Coronavirus vaccine ready to use in the near future. You hope that it will put an end to all the lock downs and restrictions, that it will help us get our economy back up and running. Many people had high hopes for the Oxford vaccine, but, a person in the trial has had a serious reaction to the vaccine and it might not be available as soon as first thought, or at all.

You see, we can put our hope in all sorts of things, like, money, status, health, people, education. We can even hope that it doesn’t rain this Friday, or hope that the borders will reopen before Christmas. However, this is uncertain hope, a worldly hope, more like a wish. And the truth is we can’t put our hope in anything in this world, because nothing is certain.

However, there is one thing we can put our hope in and know that is it certain, 100% guaranteed, and that is God and his promises. And that’s because when the Bible uses the word hope, it is not in the worldly sense. The hope the Bible talks about is a certain fact. So, when Paul talks about our justification through Christ in Romans, he talks about it in the past tense. Our hope is so secure that he talks about it as though it has already happened. Hope in the Bible, in God’s promises, in Christ, will never put you to shame (Romans 5:5). The Bible is constantly calling us to hope in the gospel, because it will save you. Put your hope in the gospel because it will transform you. We can trust in the hope of the gospel, because God is trustworthy. Friends, there are many things in this world you can put your hope in that might work or might fail, but there is only one thing you can put your hope in that will never fail – Christ. Keep trusting in him and following him and hoping in him.


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