Horror Movie

Since returning to Cairns after Long Service Leave and almost immediately getting the flu’ (the bad one) – I was only back at work for three days – I have found myself pondering many things. I am also, almost at the point of no longer listening to the news – that 70’s band Skyhooks certainly nailed it, with their song called ’Horror Movie’. That song, I believe, very accurately explains the sorts of things that are thrusted our way on the news, and various other media forms. We had none of this sort of stuff for the past couple of months whilst camping in the bush – oh the splendour of NOT knowing all the bad things going on in the world, each and every day!

But here I am, back at work again – Take 2! Hopefully this time I’ll last a little longer. And here I am pondering many things. The problem with pondering many things, can be what you end up doing with your pondering. And it’s very easy to start to ‘worry’ about all those things – and there certainly are many things going on at the moment, in the world around us (North Korea), in our own nation (SSM), as well as some very serious illnesses in our own church family.

And where am I heading with all of this? Well, when I watched the news the other day, concerning hurricane Irma and the damage it has brought to the people of Florida, the reporter came up to someone walking down one of the many flooded streets and basically said to him: I suppose you’ve lost everything again. How are you feeling?

I must admit that I expected the person to say how shattered they are, but this gentleman didn’t. He came across very relaxed and basically said:

It’s awful, but the good Lord is still in control. (Cf. Luke 21:25-28)

It made me think that I sometimes allow my pondering to get me down and to cause me to be anxious, but here is this person, who most likely had lost everything again, but was pondering on the right things, and so when he was put on the spot, came straight out with a comment that should shape any horror that might personally come our way, or any horror – and there are many – that we will hear about each and every day… unless one stays bush.




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September 13, 2020