How to be a Christian Economist

Now, I know that Economics probably doesnt get you excited like it can me. But, I hope that in some ways you recently have been and are living out some spiritual economicsi.e. that you are practicing what Im calling spiritual constrained optimisation’. What?! I hear you say.

Well, economics is about how best to allocate your limited resources (like your time, money, energy) in a way that optimises the outcomes in your life and the lives of others. And we are still living with many COVIDinduced restrictions. So, how can you live as a Christian each day and week that makes for the best outcomes (optimisation), despite all the restrictions (the constraints)? I.e. practice spiritual constrained optimisation’?

Well, its what weve just recently looked at, that firstyou and I will seek Gods kingdom and his righteousness.(Matthew 6:33) I.e. the first/highest/greatest priority in you life and mine is and will be to live under Gods good rule/word, be godly. And then, to help and encourage others to also do that.

Economists love mathematical models and graphs and charts. Like, on a popular level’, have you seen the finance reports by Alan Kohler on the ABC news? Its enough to get you excited! Part of whats good about Kohlers reports is that he can boil lots of data down to the essentials. Well, on that topic, Chris is preaching to us today about us all doing essential work’. Because living for God and his will being done in your life (& mine) and othersis essential work’.

Yes, there are still numerous things we cant do as a church, numerous groups which cant yet resume. However, in the midst of these constraints, I encourage and urge you to optimisewhat you can do. For, each day each of us can still live for Gods glory. So, practice these things and you will be practising spiritual constrained optimisation’! 

“So … whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters …. Always give yourselves fully

to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.

(1 Corinthians 10:31 and 15:58)



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