How to have a great Experience

The current Truth Experienced group has only met twice but I think that it’s already helping each person in the group to learn more about living for Jesus. I pray that this will lead them to grow in their walk with Christ.

So what do you look at in Truth Experienced? Well, here are the topics—

  • Reading the Bible
  • Praying continually
  • Understanding worship
  • The concern for fellowship
  • Sharing the good news
  • The joy of giving
  • The gift of serving; and
  • The purpose of growing.

In Week 1 we began the booklet on reading the Bible, then the idea is that each person goes through the rest of the booklet during the week (answers are included to check), then when we next meet we talk about what we found particularly interesting/new/challenging. So if you have questions about what you looked at, they are answered for you.

Probably most of us have some understanding of each of these topics, but I and many others have found that looking at them in some more depth is really helpful. It has been for me!

So I encourage you to do Truth Experienced. I can be almost 100% certain that you will be glad you did. If you yourself can’t do it, is there someone else in your family (e.g. spouse) you could encourage to? If you have already done it, who could you talk to about your experience of it and encourage them to do it?

Truth Experienced is one way that your church can equip, encourage and train you to live as a disciple of Jesus, and contribute towards others also becoming disciples. So I encourage you to make use of this great opportunity.

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020