How to talk politics (and many other issues) without dividing TGS

Politics (& many other issues) are often talked about, and those conversations can be very unhelpful or downright ‘feral’. However … Here are 8 suggestions for discussing politics and other issues in good ways — 1. Leave your ego at the door When ego takes over tempers flare and God can be dishonoured. 2. Show grace instead of outrage toward those you disagree with This is the way of Christ (even if it’s not that of Social Media). 3. Don’t assume the worst of those you disagree with Especially about their intentions. Give others the benefit of the doubt. 4. ‘Play the ball not the man’ We can and should question ideas, without attacking the person who holds them. Don’t belittle people whom you disagree with. 5. Work hard to first understand what the other person is saying Even the same words or phrases are understood to mean different things by different people. Ask, ‘What do you mean by that?’ 6. Move the conversation ‘upstream’ Talk about their beliefs undergirding their views. Asking, ‘How did you come to that conclusion?’ can be a good way to do that. 7. Don’t argue against ‘Straw Men’ Don’t argue against views you believe others hold but which in fact they don’t. So, do Number 5 (above). 8. Give the other person the last word Don’t you hate it when someone always wants to have the last word! Often wanting to have the last word is wanting to make sure that ‘you win’ the argument, instead of being gracious. Earthly politics and other issues are important. But they must never compromise our faithfulness to Christ. Especially when it comes to loving our fellow believers. (This is an abridged version of an article from The Gospel Coalition Australia website:


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