I am a … sheep

Jesus declared in John 10 that he is the Good Shepherd. I dont know about you, but I love that. I love that because at times I feel like I am a shepherd. Well, technically, I am, but more than a minister, I can feel like a shepherd to my kids, looking after their needs and well being. A shepherd to my wife, looking after her heart. A shepherd to my parents, youth leaders, youth, my home group, neighbours, even myself. And let me be clear, none of this is bad. It is such a joy and privilege to love and care for these people. God has led me to this place, in this time, to work for him in their lives. This is a blessing every Christian has, to live out the purpose God created them for. It is no accident that you live where you live, that your family is your family, that you work where you work, that your church is your church. God has you there for his purposes in their lives.

But I do feel the pressure at times with all the work and responsibilities that I have. I can even feel the pressure in my relationship with God. That is why it is so good when I remember that I am a sheep first and foremost. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. As a sheep I get to rest in him. When I come to prayer and know that there are so many that need praying for but I am exhausted, and feeling overwhelmed, it is so amazing to remember I am a sheep. Because now I can simply stop, be still and know that God is Lord and I am not. I can let go of these responsibilities before God and just say, Lord, thank you that I am a sheep and you have everything in control. Help me now as I am struggling.

It is so freeing that I dont need to carry everyone elses burdens (although I can be rightly burdened by them). I dont need to carry them myself because God does. I can rest in his power and be strengthened. And when God has strengthened me, Christ will teach me how to carry my yoke (Matthew 11:29).

Friends, there can be times that you feel like you have nothing left, you cant even pray for others. In those times, remember that you are a sheep and put yourself in the Shepherds hands.


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