I am inviting you all to lunch!

Well, technically, your church is inviting you to lunch in two Sundays: May 17. This will be the first of our two TGS family lunches planned for this year … and we hope you will come!

Just as it’s great for biological families to spend time together, so it’s great for us as a church family to spend time together, and doing this around a meal is a good way to do that.

Have you ever wished that you had longer to talk to someone at morning tea (or supper) after church? Well, having lunch together might solve that! It can also be a good way to get to know people better (including those you hardly know—like, possibly, people who attend a different Sunday service to you).

So in two Sundays, after the 9:30am service we will have morning tea as normal, then we’ll set out tables and chairs in the hall and office meeting room (because we hope lots of people come to lunch), have tables for the bring-and-share food and drinks, give thanks to God for the food and enjoy a meal with each other. If we need more chairs/space we can also use the numerous bench seats we have outside.

There will be some space in both the hall and office kitchen fridges and freezers for food (but not heaps, so we won’t all be able to leave food for lunch in there before church). Washing up can happen in both these kitchens.

Don’t feel like you need to come up with some My Kitchen Rules type masterpiece to bring-and-share: your company is more important than having cordon bleu food!

We are deliberately inviting people from our three Sunday services to come, because we are one church family and so we hope that numerous people from each service come and we can all enjoy lunch together as one church.

So I hope to see you at lunch in two Sundays time!

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020