I Invite You To Go Rome-ing Around

Two weeks ago I was at the Qld Theological College in Brisbane (where I studied) for lectures on Romans. You could call it Continued Professional Development or, learning and growing in my understanding of God’s word and thus how to teach it to others. I appreciate this opportunity TGS gave me.

What did I learn? Lots of details about Romans! But more importantly the message of Romans (which, really, is the message of the New Testament and the Bible as a whole) was again impressed upon me —

  • That God is so gracious. However, we humans have rejected and spurned Him, which rightly led to God punishing us by ‘giving us over’ to sin. As Adam’s spiritual children we are trapped in and ruled over by sin. On our own, only death and judgement awaits us.
  • But, the gospel has saved us. This is astounding. We can become a bit blasé about the gospel because we have heard it so many times, but every week we should have awe and wonder and thankfulness and praise.
  • We have right standing with God and have been declared by God not guilty of our sins because Jesus has died for them. We ‘only’ have to take God at his word, trusting in Jesus’ sacrifice for us.
  • Now we have hope: hope that we will reach glory, hope that we do live for God and not sin (just not perfectly …), and joy and peace with God.
  • By God’s Spirit, by the power of the gospel in our lives, we can live lives of worship of God, living in unity with each other.

So I invite you to have another read of Romans and marvel at God’s grace. Why not read a few chapters this afternoon? Don’t get stuck on details you might not fully understand but be moved by just how great what God has done for you in Jesus is. I’d be happy to (try and J) answer any questions you may have about Romans.

So here’s the final word, from the Apostle Paul — “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ

Cameron Wills


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