‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ … apparently

Our quarterly Men’s, Youth & Boys Breakfasts are often advertised as ‘Death By Cholesterol’, with high protein and high carbohydrate food abounding! Well … I’m not dead yet! But in fact these breakfasts laden with stereotypically ‘male’ food are good for my soul and yours (if you go), or would be if you join the ‘crew’ on these Saturday mornings — and here’s why:

  • The food is great! Someone else cooks me lots of bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes and toast! However, even if you want less protein and carbs there is also plenty of food for you;
  • The company is very good! It really is great to spend more time with the other men, youth and boys in our church. We often have such busy lives that apart from Sunday we often don’t see each other (and even on Sundays it can be hard to have many real conversations). There are also people from each of our three Sunday services, and that helps us to be one church, united in Christ.
  • They help you live as a Christian: as an individual, as a husband (if you’re married), as a father (if you have a child/children), as a member of TGS, as a student, as a worker (if you do paid work) etc.
  • They are fairly non-threatening events to invite people who aren’t involved much at church to. Sometimes the talk is also particularly suitable for inviting those who don’t yet know the mercies of God in Christ.

So if you missed yesterday’s breakfast (and you’re male) then please come to our final one for 2015 on December 5 — it’s bound to be good for your soul … even if it might be dangerous to your health!?

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020