I Vow To You …

On Wednesday Trev, Chris and I took part in meetings with Bishop Bill Ray, one of which included a renewal of Ordination Vows. It is very good for us to annually renew our commitment to ministry in a formal way. However, as all Christians are ministers (the word means ‘servants’ cf. e.g. Jn. 12:26; Gal. 5:13; Col. 3:23-24) much of what the three of us said can be applied to all of us. So here are a few excerpts of what was said/promised/prayed —

God our Father, in the name of Christ and in the power of your Spirit, we commit ourselves to you and one another, to live, work and pray as one body in Christ, to trust each other as fellow workers in your Church, and give ourselves with body, mind and spirit to the ministries to which you have called us. Give us vision … courage … and joy, that the world may believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, to your eternal glory. Amen.

Do you reaffirm your promise to give yourself to prayer and study” ….

Do you reaffirm your promise to minister the word of God … that the reconciling love of Christ may be known and received?

Do you reaffirm your promise to be a faithful servant of all those committed to your care, patterning your life in accordance with the teachings of Christ, so that you may be a wholesome example to your people?

These (along with the other vows) are very, very challenging words to wholeheartedly say “I do” to. So please regularly pray for Trev, Chris and I.

Please also pray for yourself, that by the power of the Holy Spirit you will also be committed body and soul to these sorts of things. Please pray, too, for the other Elders (the Wardens) at TGS, the leaders of various ministries and all those who serve Christ and people in any way, shape of form here.

Christ is the wonderful King, people are created in his image and all Christians are being re-created in His image. So all ministry (service) of Christ and others is valuable; explicitly gospel ministry will have eternal consequences. So rejoice!



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