I’m Feeling Nervous

Today Chris Forder goes on 3 weeks well-earned leave, and on Thursday Trevor left for the GAFCON Conference in Israel. Trev returns to work on about Tuesday-Wednesday, June 26 or 27 (depending on jet lag!). So for about the next 10 days I’m the only ordained minister and the acting senior minister. And you never know what things will come up!

So I’m feeling nervous …

But I don’t need to be anxious and fretful and worried. Because God is with me (as he is with each of his people) and he will provide the sustaining and enabling grace that I need to serve him at the moment.

There are many things in life which could easily lead you or I to be stressed out over or consumed with worry and anxiety. But on Thursday in my daily Bible reading notes on Luke 12:22-34 said this —

“Notice that Jesus does not say, Do not fear, for everything will always go the way you want it to go. He does not even tell us what the future will hold, which would allow us to … figure things out on our own. Instead what we get is something better: the promise that God knows what we need and loves us. Jesus tenderly urges his “little flock” to “not be afraid” (v32). God’s loving care is a safe place in which to locate your hope and confidence …. God has set us free [from various fears] in order that we might seek his kingdom with our whole being (v 31), and then show the world how glorious and loving and trustworthy God is.”

So, although I might be ‘nervous’ over these next ten days, I can know peace and focus on seeking his kingdom! Which is great news.

[You might be asking why 2 of the ordained ministers have gone on holidays at the same time. The answer is mostly two things: 1) Trev wasn’t initially going to GAFCON when we planned our leave at the start of the year. But he and we became convinced that him going is a good thing. And 2), we often take leave where at least some of it is in school holidays, for multiple reasons).]

So, even if you’re nervous at times, don’t be anxious.



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