Initial Driving Factor

Sometimes one can easily forget the original driving factor behind a decision. What am I talking about? I am talking about what we’re pursuing with our building and land – maybe you’ve already noticed the signs on our fences detailing a proposed Development Approval. We had hoped to briefly talk to you about this, before the signs were placed on the fences, but sometimes things just don’t come together as you plan. And what is behind, and therefore driving, this proposed development? It is the provision of additional carparking, and especially the provision of car parking for those in our church family who cannot walk long distances, or for various reasons, need to park close to the church building. For sometime now I have seen available street parking being gobbled up by residents who live near us but have two cars (and only one spot for off-street parking), and so one vehicle gets parked on the street, or gobbled up by the many people who go to the various eateries in Edge Hill. And this means there are very few available spaces left that are fairly close to our church building. So, under God (I am confident that he will either stop or allow this), this is what we’ve been doing, and also where we are up to: Get ‘approval in principle’ from our diocese: DONE Amalgamate the three parcels of land to one: DONE Obtain a Development Approval for what we are considering: HENCE THE SIGNS If Development Approval is granted, talk to our church family about it all. If we’re happy to proceed, get detailed drawings done for Council approval. If Council approval is granted, and when quotes are received, seek diocesan approval. Start digging. For your leaders here, the initial driving factor for this development was a 127 one, that is, a James 1:27 one, which exhorts us to care for those in our church family, and especially those who do it a little tougher than the rest.


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September 13, 2020