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“Few subjects evoke a greater sense of guilt in the hearts of believers than when we begin to talk about prayer. We know that we ought to pray, we know that we need to pray, and yet, the vast majority of us know that we don’t pray.”            (Del Fehsenfeld)

Some of us from TGS went to a course on prayer last weekend, held in Cairns, at The Lakes’ church. On the Friday night we were first given a definition of prayer:

Prayer is an activity of humans that requires the cooperation of God in order to achieve our desires. And it was obvious that is the way we often see prayer – if we want good things to happen, we have to pray. But Brian Pickering, who led us, then told us the true definition of prayer:

Prayer is an activity of God that requires human cooperation to achieve God’s desires. Prayer works in three stages – We talk to God, so He talks to us (stage two), and then we do what He says in stage two. Prayer is a lifestyle of total availability and radical obedience. Often we rationalize what He says to us in stage two (it is often uncomfortable or inconvenient) so we don’t do it, and then we don’t learn to recognize it was God speaking to us because we weren’t obedient.

Last week’s small group study asked a question, “Can you ever be certain of what God said to you?” The certainty comes from experience when we always act on what God says, and so build up a history of hindsight showing that it truly was God talking to us, which proved itself when we were obedient. We develop through obedience an ability to hear the voice of God.

There will be times we get it wrong (just like a baby often falls when learning to walk) but we can always be confident our wonderful God will keep talking to us and help us learn. He is 100% faithful and trustworthy.

Thanking you

Howard Oates


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September 13, 2020