Is Islam the greatest enemy of Christianity?

It is easy to think that Islam is the biggest enemy of Christianity right now. I mean we are confronted with it in the news, in church and in our own minds. But the reality is that Islam is not the biggest enemy of Christianity – and it never will be. In fact no one religion is the biggest enemy of Christianity. NO – the greatest enemy to Christianity and to the world, is separation from God. Separation from God is the terrible enemy that Jesus commissioned His followers to vanquish in Matthew 28:18-20. He was addressing this same enemy when He plainly clarified His purpose in coming to earth: “I have come to seek and to save those who are lost.” That is, those separated from God. With that in mind we should see what is going on in the world as a spiritual battle. Satan is seeking to keep people separated from God and he is trying to tear people away from God.

My parents told me that Muslims in Sydney are being abused and harassed. Although we are to support the efforts of our Government in the Middle East and are to have a hatred for the injustice and abuse that is happening at the hands of ISIS, as Christians our rightful response is not to abuse, slander or tear down a Muslim. We are, whether you think it or not, missionaries to the people around us. We are to shine God’s light to our friends and community by how we act and what we say.  When we hear the word “Muslim,” we need to see and think of each and every Muslim as a lost person – as someone to whom God showed his love by dying on the cross. They are lost and in desperate need of knowing the true God who saves. And we are to act according to this truth found in God’s word. As this topic comes up in conversation,  may we be guided by God and his love.

Chris F.


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