Is Your Faith Blind?

My father used to say that Science has disproved the Bible, and someone may have said to you that faith is the opposite of reason and is thus ‘blind’: that it’s a belief in something in spite of the evidence proving it’s false. However, many scientists themselves say this claim is not true …

But what does the Bible itself say? It says that faith is both ‘eyes wide open’ and ‘blind’ … but in different senses.

Firstly, the Bible never says that faith is contrary to reason or evidence. In fact it says that there is much evidence e.g. for God and that He is the Creator (see e.g. Psalm 19:1-4; Romans 1:19-20). Some people might then object, saying that it’s ‘just’ the Bible saying that, that the Bible isn’t a correct or trustworthy source. However, there is masses of evidence that the Bible is the most reliable ancient book ever written (come along to this Wednesday night’s Truth Explored if you’d like to look into this J). Statements and claims from many other ancient writers are accepted without question by lots of people, yet the evidence for these statements is far less than for the Bible. Sometimes people simply don’t know just how much evidence there really is for the Bible.

Secondly, however, the Scriptures do say that faith is ‘blind’ in the sense that some things can’t be ‘scientifically proven’ beyond any doubt e.g. that Christ will return. But then, there are many things which can’t be ‘scientifically proven’ beyond any doubt — like, do you know with absolute certainty that this piece of paper won’t spontaneously combust in the next two seconds? No you don’t.

Friends, there is much evidence in history, archaeology, literature studies and much more that Christian ‘faith’ is very reasonable. Also there is the ‘subjective’ evidence of the changes that Christ, the gospel and the Spirit have made in your life. So … in the sense that most people mean by the phrase ‘blind faith’,

the answer to the question is, ‘NO! Your faith is not blind.

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020