It pays to speak up

If I see someone wearing a cross on a necklace, I usually say something like: Does the cross you wear around your neck mean anything? Some people say ‘No’ and give me a strange look. Some say ‘No’ but also go on to say ‘Why do you ask?’ And some say ‘Yes, it does.’

Just recently, on our day off, at a local Coffee Club for lunch, the young lady who served Sue and me, was wearing a cross on a necklace, and so I asked her that question: Does the cross you wear around your neck mean anything? And she said: Yes it does. And before I asked her what it actually means for her, she immediately said that it reminds her of her Lord and Saviour, Jesus. And then for the next ten minutes, or so, we had the most encouraging conversation about following him in our life. We were talking for so long that I started thinking she might get into trouble for talking to a customer for that long. Yes, she was very passionate about the Lord, and so too her husband, who she also told us about.

It pays to speak up. It also pays to advertise. I think all three of us were greatly encouraged by the conversation we had. I know we were!

As we drove home from the Coffee Club we chatted about it all, and said: Imagine if we didn’t ask her about the necklace? Had we said nothing, we would have missed out on the lovely conversation we had and the encouragement we received.

I have been reading Luke, one chapter a day, and God willing, I will follow that with reading Acts, one chapter a day, as I challenged all of us to do in a recent sermon. And the other day I came across a verse that really spoke to me, and pretty much at the same time of this conversation we had. The verse is this: For the measure you use, it will be measured to you. (Luke 6:38). And it’s so true. In this case: say nothing and receive nothing. But say something, and look at what we received. Thank you Lord for blessing us, over lunch at Coffee Club.



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September 13, 2020