It’s a great opportunity!

Sunday, December 1 is our church and community Carols. Here are reasons why it’s a great opportunity — 1. They enable us to reflect and rejoice about why Jesus was born Because it wasn’t ‘just’ a baby boy being born it was God, in the second person of the Trinity (the eternal Son) taking humanity up into the Godhead. God and man are now joined eternally in one person. This is profound! And saved humanity will eventually also be joined eternally with God when ’heaven comes to earth’ after Jesus returns. So, in that sense, the incarnation is a preview of our eternal destiny. 2. They enable us to sing with joy and thankfulness some of the profound meanings of Christmas For almost two millennia Christ’s people have been able to sing words or ideas like: ‘Veiled in flesh the Godhead see. Hail the incarnate deity. Pleased as man with man to dwell, Jesus our Immanuel … Glory to the newborn king.” So much wonderful truth in such a short space of words … and there is truly something wonderful about singing it. 3. They enable us to ‘more easily’ invite non-churched people to hear the gospel Many people are willing to come to Carols, or even a Christmas church service than they are at other times (even Easter). So we can love people by inviting them to come on December 1 and hear and sing the gospel message that brings life and joy and forgiveness and a fresh start. 4. They enable us to ‘get into the Spirit of Christmas’ I don’t know about you, but once I’ve been to a Carols I’m right into the Christmas season — and that’s a good thing! This gives me not just a few days of ‘Christmas’ but multiple weeks where the focus isn’t just on what presents I might get (kids: hint!) and food etc. I have to prepare/make/buy, but more importantly, on thanking our great God for sending his one and only Son on his ‘search and rescue’ mission. So … Carols: I really hope you’re coming, and also inviting others to come, because it’ll be a great night!


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