It’s a trap – I know Mel Gibson

Many people fall into the trap of believing they know God, when in fact, they only know about God. For example, I can know the awesome life saving message of the gospel and not be saved. I can know about community and fellowship, the love and care, the ministries and people of church and still not really belong to it. I can know about the 10 commandments, that these are great commands for society and that if we all lived by them our world would be a better place and still not follow these commands in my own heart of hearts.

Just because we know about something, doesn’t mean we know it. It is a trap to fall into this way of thinking. It’s similar to how I know a lot about Mel Gibson. I know he has had some serious personal issues in the past decade (which I can tell you all about) but I still love the movies he acts in and movies he director or produces. I have also read a lot about him on the web, in articles, and biographies, so much so that it feels like I know him. But it’s a trap. I don’t really know Mel Gibson, I simply know about him. If I were to walk up to Mel on the street and start talking to him about his 9 kids, he would wonder who I am and why I am acting like I know him.

Sadly, this is the same trap that many fall into as Christian. We think the more we know about God the more we know him. Don’t get me wrong, there is truth to that, the more I know about my wife the more I know her. But Lesley is not just an idea. She is not just information I need to know about. She is a person and I must relate to her as a person, experience her as a person. Too many Christians I fear just see God as an idea to know about, information to understand and don’t really see him as a person to be in a relationship with and to experience. It’s the difference between nominal Christians and genuine Christians. Nominal Christians are able to prove the way of salvation by the crucified Redeemer. They know the gospel. But the true Christian loves the gospel, delights in it, glories in it and shudders at the very thought of glorying in anything else. They see the person in the gospel and love him. I don’t just want to settle at knowing about God, I want to be blessed by truly knowing him, and so should you.



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September 13, 2020