It’s time to get back!

So, if you’re a worker, your holidays are probably finished. If you’re a student, your holidays will soon have concluded. If you’re a TGS member (that’s us!), then the holidays’ break for many ministries is almost over. Soon the ministry year will be in full swing, which means many opportunities to give glory to God, build up other believers, and help the Good News be heard (& we pray, believed) by not-yet-believers. So … what’s starting up again, what can you recommit to, or begin serving in? Well, here are some of the many ministry opportunities for yourself this year (& your church Directory lists more) — 1. Weekly church … might seem obvious to you, or an ‘old’ thing to say … but then we keep eating every week and that continues to be a great thing to do! In the same way, taking in spiritual food each Sunday really does set you up to live for Christ each week. And coming wanting to say hi to someone, and serve in particular ways on Sunday really does help us to bring glory to God and build each other up. Being here regularly enables you to really build your relationships with others and serve in specific ways. 2. Weekly Home Group. Being able to ask questions, get clarification, be friends/build friendships, eat & drink, study God’s word, and pray together is spiritual gold. Maybe each weekly meeting doesn’t feel at the time like ‘gold’, but, just like with exercise, being regular and persisting makes the big difference over time. For more information on Home Groups, you could ask a friend about the one they’re in, or talk to Chris Forder (who oversees Home Groups) or me. 3. Make your pick! What gets you excited? What’s your passion? What way could you serve our Lord Jesus in 2020? What specific ministry could you help with, either on Sundays (e.g. Children’s Church, read the Bible, Pray, Music) or during the week (e.g. Mainly Music, C.R.I., Youth Group, 127 Care, your own idea)? What are the needs in your church? 4. How are you ‘seek[ing] the welfare of [this] city’? This could be by donating food via the Anglicare trolley in the hall, by being a Cairns Street Chaplain (talk to Mella), a helper at the monthly TGS church service at Regis Whitfield (talk to Cliff Truelove) or … So— are you back? It’s good to ‘be back’ now.


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September 13, 2020