Jinx, Jonah or Jolt

I do like sport, both playing it and watching it, but the older I get the more the latter is taking over. And one sport I like to watch, this time of the year, is tennis. And my favourite tennis player is probably your favourite tennis player too – if you too watch tennis.

The one thing I am often fascinated about tennis is how often the commentators seemingly jinx someone. And it happens in all sports. And so, the commentator will say something like: “He hasn’t put a foot wrong all match; he has barely had to hit a second serve.” And then the tennis player, immediately after those words are said – and it is usually immediately – succumbs to a double fault, or succumbs to the very thing that the commentator has just praised them for NOT doing.

When this happens, the other commentator usually says something like, “You just jinxed him again!”. I even heard it said, “You’ve just Jonahed the person.” And as you probably know, Jonah is a guy in the Bible, who was thrown off a boat (Jonah 1), for jinxing it – hence the very saying that includes his name, and the link with jinxing.

But – and there’s that favourite word of mine – ‘but’ might God be trying to get someone’s attention when he does things like this, or brings about things like this, or allows things like this? He was certainly trying to get Jonah’s attention, wasn’t he (Jonah 2)? And, might he also be trying to get our attention, when our comments about someone go so awfully wrong, and usually immediately?

I don’t think they’re jinxes. Perhaps they are simply jolts from our heavenly Father – jolts that are meant to get our attention, and to stop thinking we know it all. They might even be jolts to humble us, if we are listening.

Is our Lord and God jolting you with something at the moment? I hope and pray we will all listen to whatever he might be saying to us, and especially, when immediately after saying something, the very opposite happens.



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September 13, 2020