Keep denying God….

Well it looks as if Federal Parliament will be debating same-sex marriage tomorrow. And with that no doubt, the whole concept of who should make the final decision. Some say, like in Ireland last week, that a referendum is needed: let the people of this nation decide. Some say what is needed is a conscience vote in parliament: let all the politicians whom the people have voted in, decide. And then others say it needs to remain a party decision, that is, a political party needs to declare where they stand, so that people who vote for them know what they’re getting, and then they need to stick by it: in other words, the party decides. So when it comes to who should make the final decision, proponents are passionately proclaiming either the people, or the politicians, or the present party in power.

Now despite sadly as a nation we have come to this point, what also is sad is the complete absence of God and what he says, has already said about such. It typifies, sadly, the west, where we think we now know what’s best. And so we turn to ourselves and argue as to whether it should be the people, the politicians or the party. And in the end, surely by now, we should know what usually wins when we turn to ourselves: it is perceived public opinion, and so the most vocal, if they are persistently vocal enough, will get their way. Even in Ireland, when one does the sums, although 62% voted for same-sex marriage, only 60% of the people bothered to vote. That means only 37% of the people actually voted for SSM. But as I talk like this, I too am leaving out what’s most important, and it is God’s opinion, not popular or public opinion.

In the end, that is what, I believe, is right at the core of why Federal Parliament will be debating SSM tomorrow: we have given God the flick. In the west we think we don’t need him in our lives anymore. And when you keep denying God, our need for him, his say, and his existence, he does get to the point when he decides to hand us over, give us over, and all we can do as God’s people, is plea, is plea with him to show this nation mercy.

This is what we are told when people continue to give God the flick, and therefore worship something else, in our case, ourselves: Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another (Romans 1:24).

Yes, keep denying God…. and he will give you over. Lord have mercy on us.    

Trevor Saggers


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