Kids say the darnedest things

Most nights of the week at dinner, we read the Bible as a family. At the moment we are working our way through Jesus’ parables. One night this week we heard the parable of “the Lost Sheep” or as I call it “the searching Shepherd” as the emphasis is on the shepherd searching for and rejoicing in finding the lost sheep. The question that one of the kids asked was, “what about people who live in countries where they don’t hear about Jesus?” Now, that is not a weird or bad question to ask, in fact, it is an excellent question. After talking about it for a moment, I started to tell stories of people I met at college who came from Muslim countries where they had never heard about Jesus before. One story was of a guy who was travelling to Mecca. He was going there to fulfil one of the five pillars of Islam. However, one night while he was still travelling there, he had a dream of a man clothed in white and shining bright. He asked the man who he was and the man replied “I am Jesus, and you are mine”. He woke up and discussed this with his Muslim friends. They convinced him he was being tested and to keep travelling. But, the next night he had the same dream. He said that to keep going to Mecca was like someone was standing on his chest and he couldn’t breathe. So, he turned and went home. He had the dream one more time; in this one Jesus reached out and touched him, and he could breathe freely again. At this my kids said, “I wish I wasn’t a Christian!”. What!!!? Wasn’t a Christian?! That was not the effect I was going for. Why, I asked? And they said because they want to have a dream where Jesus comes to them like this man. Ha ha. I love their honesty. But if we are all honest, who wouldn’t want a dream where we see Jesus? I know I would. But friends, we have something better. We know we will see Jesus not in a dream but face to face. Our Lord loves us and has died for us so we will be with him, in his presence in Heaven forever – how awesome! We finished by talking about how Jesus is calling their friends (lost sheep) back to himself through them. He is the good Shepherd, revealing himself to all people.


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