Know it all

I have come across several people, over the years, who have told me that they ‘know it all’. You might be thinking: how can anyone say that, yet actually believe that about themselves. But I can assure you, that some people do think they know it all – and sometimes we can act as if we too know it allJ!


There are 150 psalms in the Bible and the most comforting one is Psalm 139. It tells us that God knows everything, but even more than that, that God knows everything about you and about me – he is not shocked or surprised at things that come up in our lives.


As you will probably know by now, Sue and I are about to head off on Long Service Leave. It is our third lot of Long Service Leave – reflecting to a degree how old I now amJ! And repeatedly, when asked about our break, I always say ‘God willing’, before I say anything further. God has certainly taught me that over the years. He has taught me that I don’t know everything, even though at times, I might live like I do. He has even delayed some of our holidays because of shocks or surprises that have come our way. But he has comforted us in those delays or cancellations.


Maybe you’re going through a situation, that is a reminder to you, that you too, don’t know everything, and that only God knows what tomorrow might bring.


God knowing everything about us, or what will happen to us, is somewhat scary, but it is also a great comfort. And that’s what the thrust of Psalm 139 is telling us: his personal presence – no matter where we are or what’s going on in our lives; and his all-knowing – no matter how shocking or surprising something might be too us, let alone the fact that our Lord is full of compassion, mercy and understanding, is meant to be greatly comforting. It’s no wonder David writes this particular psalm: he certainly had lots of shocks and surprises come his way!


And so, God willing, tomorrow, we head off on Long Service Leave. We’re hoping that it will be a safe and refreshing ‘trouble-free’ break. But time-will-tell, and only God knows that.

Trev xo


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