Look up and Live

There are some signs at the moment near the Red Beret Hotel in Redlynch – they are doing some major works on the intersection around the hotel. And these signs – no doubt telling people with machinery to please notice the electrical wires above them – make me think of our Lord. Yes, look up and live! Perhaps you have noticed them. Most times I drive past, which is fairly often, I pray that people will look up and live (spiritually), as we seem to be in the habit of doing anything but that lately. I find it fascinating, but very sad, that there is a major change in the average Aussie today, and even in the church today, as we tend to think we can work it all out ourselves, and so don’t look up very often at all. Yes, we tend to look at each other instead. I will give you an example, well two actually. The first is this. And it concerns climate change. Now I’m not going to talk about the details of it, but rather, talk about our response to such a topic. I’m sure that some of us think it is fair dinkum. I’m confident others think it’s a lie. And I am fairly certain that some who think it is fair dinkum, don’t put it down to fossil fuels. But irrespective of your view, God is ultimately the one in control of our environment and not us. Yes, we are to care for it, just as we are to care for our own bodies. But why don’t we look to him as a first option rather than debate our differing views? Instead we either look at all the facts and try to work things out, or we look at people’s emotions and end up being worried. The other example is the lack of rain in many parts of outback Australia. I would normally, by this time of the year, have received many emails requesting that we pray to God for rain. But I haven’t received any this year – none. It seems that we’ve become consumed with climate change discussions or dam discussions at the expense of simply asking God to help us. Yes, look up and live. May that be our response, first and foremost; any other option by itself will prove to at least be another Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) – and we all know how that ended.


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