Making Disciples of Jesus to the Glory of God

As we start our new year, it is good to stop and reflect on our mission statement “Making disciples of Jesus, to the glory of God”. Friends, as we do this we should find joy in sharing the Gospel. However, the truth is, while it is a joy to see people come to faith in Jesus, we all find it hard to do. So, here are some tools to talking with others about Jesus. Firstly, pray to God for the opportunity, for courage, and for this person’s heart to be soft to the Gospel. Secondly, ask questions! What 3 words best describe you? On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you? What drives you to get up each morning? What do you believe happens after we die? What’s your spiritual background? What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Christian’? On a scale of 1-10, how sure are you that you’re going to Heaven? How does God determine who gets into Heaven? Thirdly, learn about your friend! Where did they grow up? What did they study? What sport did they play growing up? What are they doing as a job and is this what they thought they would be doing now? What is a major interest, hobby, or person they like? Fourthly, 1-2-3-4 truths! The are four truths which make up the Gospel of Christ. 1. God is good, loving and just and he created the world. 2. People are sinful, and deserving of judgement, eternal separation from God. 3. God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us and pay the penalty for our sins. 4. If we receive Jesus as our Saviour and Lord, and surrender our hearts to Him, we are forgiven, and have eternal life with God. Before your first conversation, choose four meals, bus rides, phone calls, or drives home, when you will share one truth each time. Ask God to help you keep your commitment – no matter what. Allow the conversation to flow. But if it doesn’t, you’ve taken a step of faith. Keep going. Finally, invite, invite, invite! Maybe your friend isn’t too keen on attending church or youth group, so, what about simply inviting them to a concert or for ice cream or to watch a movie or sporting event, but invite other Christians too. Allow them to experience a Christian environment in a non threating way. Remember though, this isn’t church and should never replace it. Through relationship formed in these environments it will be more appealing and comfortable for them to attend church with people they know. May we know the joy of seeing people enter eternal life and know the joy of being used by God to help them.



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September 13, 2020