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Dear Friends,

Hardly a week passes without some issue relating to Islam hitting the news headlines. It is one of the big “elephants in the room” that we would rather not have to face. As Christians, we need to be aware that Islam poses a huge threat not only to our national security but to our national identity. We cannot afford to take for granted the Christian heritage that has given us the freedoms and values that we cherish in Australia. Australians pride themselves on giving everyone a fair go, and being tolerant and welcoming. But this can easily lead to just being nice, naive and gullible. We respect the rights of Muslims and followers of other religions and philosophies to profess, practice and propagate their beliefs, but need to resist the way Islam is infiltrating the legal, business and education structures of our society. That will be our subject at the third “Understanding Islam” seminar on 20th August.

There are four goals we can set for ourselves in meeting the challenge of Islam and having a Christian ministry to Muslims:

WITNESS. Nothing is more important than the integrity and love we show in personal dealings with Muslims and in the community life of the church. Having an understanding of the basic beliefs and practise of Muslims is a great help as we seek to introduce Muslims to the Bible and the claims of Jesus Christ to be Saviour, Lord and God. The Koran has its own interpretation of Jesus Christ and the Bible, and this provides both a springboard and a barrier for evangelism.


WARNING. Islam is not only a religion. It is also a political ideology with its own political agenda. Religion is seen as a pathway to power and its claim to be a religion of peace is often misunderstood. World peace, according to Islam, will be established when the World is ruled by Muslims implementing Sharia law. In 2009 the book Islam, Human Rights and Public Policy was distributed to every Federal and State politician in Australia informing them about Islam’s political goals


WELFARE. Many of the 66 million refugees in the world are the victims of Islam.

Barnabas Fund has paid the airfares and settlement expenses in Australia of 2000 Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq. Many have lost loved ones and experienced extreme trauma at the hand of Islamic State and other Islamist groups. Paul writes, “As we have

opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Gal 6:10


WATCH AND PRAY. The secular media often features sensational Islamic violence, but Christian publications such as the bimonthly Barnabasaid magazine and the Barnabas Fund website give a much fuller report on the Islamic world. Churches in majority Muslim

countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia are in constant danger and ask for our prayer support for them and the national authorities.




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