Making disciples

Our mission statement is that we are “Empowered by the Spirit to make disciples of Jesus, of all people of all ages to the glory of God”. Simply put, that is why Jesus left us here on earth, to make disciples, teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded us.

And that is why it was so exciting to see 5 young people get baptised as disciples of Jesus last Saturday and 2 people being confirmed on Sunday. Each one declared their allegiance to Christ and renounced sin in their lives. One young lady who was baptised said that they no longer live for themselves but are now for living for God. What is even better is we have another 3 young people getting baptised in January next year.

It is clear that God has changed these young people, that he has worked in their lives. And from listening to their testimonies God has changed these young lives through their parents, through the TGS youth group, through the Alpha series and of course ultimately through his powerful Holy Spirit. It was clear that at the beginning of the year some of these teenagers didn’t have a relationship with God, and they were honest about that. But throughout the year after hearing God’s word, they came to know and understand their sin and need for Jesus to save them. They all praised Jesus for his death and resurrection for them and their salvation.

Friends, this is not just something that I rejoice in but it is something you can all rejoice in too. You are a part of this ministry through your financial giving, through your prayers and through your support of the youth ministry. I have personally felt your support too, thank you.

What is clear, is that we are one church, on one mission, and we work together to achieve it. Let’s continue to be empowered by the Spirit to make disciples of Jesus, of all people of all ages to the glory of God.

Chris Forder


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September 13, 2020