Making the most of your Easter

In Colossians 4:5, God, through the Apostle Paul, urges you and me  to “be wise in the way you act towards outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.”

Easter and Christmas are great evangelistic opportunities for you and me here in Cairns, so let’s be determined to take them this year!

One way you and I can do this is to invite people along to church at Easter, then later in the year, to the Carols and Christmas church services. I was very              encouraged last year (my first at TGS) by the numbers of non-Christians and       non-regular-attenders who came to our five Easter church services. Friends, this is a wonderful gift that God gives us, so let’s take hold of it with both hands!

So who can you (and I) invite along to church at Easter? Who might you bring with you in your vehicle, or meet them here at a pre-determined time? And if he/she/they come, when can you have a post-church coffee/meal/chat with them to ask them what they thought?

Friends, this is such a great opportunity that Trevor, Chris and I urge you to not go away at Easter, but to celebrate our Lord’s death and resurrection with your brothers and sisters, and take this God-given opportunity to have your family/friends/workmates etc. hear the message of life. We do need to have numerous TGS     people here at Easter to properly welcome the substantial numbers of visitors; without you we can’t be a welcoming church this Easter. It can also be very difficult to have all service roles at our church services filled if lots of us go away. So staying is an act of love to your brothers and sisters who might otherwise be doubling or even tripling up in serving.

Easter is at the very start of the school holidays and so there might be plenty of time to go away after Easter — so why not delay your departure till Monday   morning? Or ask for leave from work beginning on Monday?

Friends, I would love to celebrate Easter with you here at TGS, and together for us to welcome visitors, “mak[ing] the most of every opportunity.”

Cameron Wills


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September 13, 2020