‘Malaysia Airlines Goes Bust’

No, it’s not a real headline, but I wouldn’t be totally surprised if this happens. After the two disasters, resulting in the deaths of 537 people, how many people will want to fly Malaysia Airlines now? Even though these two disasters don’t appear to be the airline’s fault at all, the company and its employees might pay a very big price for what has happened. Events like this can make us want to cry out, ‘But that’s not fair’ … and it is good when we are upset and angry that there is so much suffering, evil and death in this world.

At Truth Explored on Wednesday we looked the issue of ‘suffering’. The fact is that there is so much suffering in this world. An argument often goes like this: ‘If your God is all-powerful and all-loving, how can he allow things like this to happen? Therefore, he either cannot be all-powerful, or all-good’. This can seem like a very difficult argument to respond to.

Here are a few things we need to remember and tell people:

  • This world is not as God created it: there was originally no suffering, evil, or death.
  • These things came as a result of humanity’s rebellion against God. If Adam and Eve had not disobeyed God, we would still be living in Paradise.
  • This doesn’t excuse us, though, because each one of us causes suffering and grief to others by our actions at times.
  • When people say, ‘Why doesn’t God do something?’, the answer is, ‘He has’. God’s Son, the completely innocent one has taken the punishment of billions of people, so that we may be saved. This is God’s (wonderful) answer for suffering, death and evil.
  • God has acted and he will act: when Jesus returns all suffering, evil and death will be done away with for all his people for ever! So the question for you and others, ultimately, is: Are you saved? Are you living by faith as you travel the road to Paradise?



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September 13, 2020