We tend to say at this time of the year, ‘Merry Christmas’, but I sometimes wonder how ‘merry’ that first Christmas might have been. I am thinking there would have been a degree of anxiety, especially with Mary & Joseph.

After all, not only were they a young couple (and this was their first child), but they had to travel to Bethlehem (a several days’ trip) for the census and then it was time for the baby to be born. And the anxiety of it all might have been building as they couldn’t find a spare room, and so a manger was the go. Yes, no hospitals back then. No caesareans. No real planning. Just some hay and you’ll be ok – well, so it seems.

And then the guests start visiting – and no usual ones – strangers actually.

Yes, I sometimes wonder how ‘merry’ it would have been for them.

Well, maybe it is not such a ‘merry’ time for you. And so, you can resonate with that. If that is the case and this Christmas might seem to be lifting your anxiety levels and downing your emotions, we need to pass them on (in prayer) to the one who can help (I wonder how much Mary & Joseph were praying on that very night!).

We are told in 1 Peter 5:7 to: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. It really is fascinating to think that the one who is so incomparable is that personal and therefore not only can do something to help you but also wants to care for you.

Christmas is a time when some of us may need to visit awkward relationships and so the natural thing to do is not to be so ‘merry’ about it all. May we pray beforehand and may we then show a peace and lift to our spirit that only he can provide. And may we marvel and continue to marvel, no matter how we might naturally feel, knowing that he would do something like this for all people.

I also sometimes wonder how he (the Father) must have felt about it all. I guess he was most pleased.

Trev xo