Some of you may know that recently I had surgery on my eye. I was given a list of specific instructions to follow, to aid in my recovery, and achieve the best possible outcome. Most importantly, to not waste the 1000’s of $$ the Qld Dept of Health had spent on me to provide free surgery so I could see clearly again.

On the Monday following my operation the previous week I received a phone call. Not from the surgeon himself, but from a member of staff. She called to ask after my progress in following all the post-op care instructions. Was I putting in my drops on time? Yes. Was I avoiding bending down or lifting heavy objects? Yes. Not going for 5km runs? Yeah, no, not this week. (Neither was I bungy jumping, kick-boxing nor powerlifting). Well OK then. But then she said this: “It’s about this stage in your recovery where most folks get sick of the rule about not washing your hair or getting water in your eyes. PLEASE don’t give up and don’t give in to temptation. Just ride it out, and it will be better for you in the long run!” I dutifully agreed.

But then I got thinking. What if our Ministers did the same thing? What if they rang mid-week and begged us not to give up? To PLEASE hang in there. To avoid giving in to temptation? Would we willingly accept this phone call? Would we meekly say “Yes.” Would we understand that the price paid for eternal life was much greater than the cost of a cataract operation in our generous First-world health system? Or would we grumble? Mutter about freedom of choice? Consider it an invasion of our privacy? None of their business?

Friends, if I can accept a call from someone who doesn’t know me personally, but still wants the best possible outcome for me, how much more should I be open to a friend saying “Hang in there. Don’t give up.” Because our eternal lives matter, to God, and to His family here on earth. Keep going friends, it will be worth it in the end.