What a year it has been. And what a year it has been for God’s churches as we respond to all the changes that keep happening. No doubt, many of us in our workplaces are impacted by all of this greatly, and some of have also been financially impacted by it. It has, no doubt, also impacted us all at a family level.

In saying this, there is much one could talk about on the topic, but I just wanted to ask you to pray for one particular ministry. The ministry is called Christian Religious Instruction (CRI). And it has been greatly affected by our governments’ response to the current pandemic, let alone the way the west seems to be quickly becoming.

For example: It feels like one minute you can use a particular curriculum, but the next you can’t. It feels like one minute a certain training is sufficient, but then we are told it is not. It feels like one minute you can enter a school, but the next you can’t. It feels like one minute you have to wear a mask, but the next you don’t. It feels like one minute you have to vaccinated.. and so on.

Yes, we have all been massively impacted by things lately, but one ministry that I feel very much required our prayers is CRI – and I stress the words VERY MUCH!

This is a suggested prayer that has been provided to help us to pray for this ministry:
Father God, thank you that we are still allowed to visit our schools and teach the faith. Today I pray for (name of school/s), for the children who will be taught CRI, as well as the teachers, staff and other students who will be acquainted. Please provide further Instructors for this very important ministry. And please help our Instructors to not only teach the Scriptures clearly, faithfully, humbly, and relevantly, but to also show Jesus. I pray also for your gracious provision of finances for this ministry. And please may this ministry result in much fruit in the lives of all concerned, and therefore much glory going to you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Trev xo