Last week’s passages/sermon covered some ‘heavy’ topics, and I don’t want anyone to be discouraged. So, I thought I’d do a ‘follow-up’ to hopefully encourage joy!

Whilst Deuteronomy 24:1-4 talks about divorce and husbands who are not loving to their wives, these verses are followed by a lovely ‘offset’ —

“When a man takes a new wife, he shall not go out with the army,
nor be charged with any duty; he shall be free at home one year
and shall give happiness to his wife” (verse 5)

Also, if a man was betrothed (like engaged) he was not to fight in the army (Dt. 20:7) but was to be free to marry. Marriage is not only important, and more important than numerous other things, but husbands should make their wives happy (& presumably wives should make their husbands happy). Mutual happiness in marriage is a duty!

The above doesn’t mean, however, that happiness will be continual or is to be pursued from a ‘worldly’ lifestyle. But there should be enjoyment in marriage, even amidst the tensions of living in a Fallen world —

Enjoy life with the woman whom you love all the days of
your fleeting life which He has given you under the sun.”
(Ecclesiastes 9:9)

Whether we are married or single, we can and should be giving happiness to our friends and fellow TGS members. So, when we are here in church or Home Group or Men’s/Youth/Boys BBQ or Women’s Coffee & Cake or Board Games night or Pot Luck dinner or …, let’s aim to give happiness and joy to each other.

We have many reasons to have and give happiness and joy, for in addition to the many things in this world which non-Christians can find joy from, we also have the deeper, greater and permanent joy in and from Christ! There is so much in this world and life that can generate misery, but let us, from the deep well of Christ, Give Happiness.