Michael Leigh-Mallory had given up on metal-detecting ten years ago; 90% of his finds were rubbish, literally. Then on his first metal detecting search in a decade he found gold, literally. Buried just 10 centimetres deep in a ploughed field he found an extremely rare King Henry 3rd coin (see photo).

The coin was made in 1257 A.D. — over 750 years ago! Only eight are known to exist today, and this was the first one found in over 260 years! The coin sold at auction last month for over a million dollars. One coin.

This is an amazing tale: an amateur, finds a rare treasure, in his area.

Friends, the gospel and salvation that we have in Christ are like that —

  • Many of us would consider ourselves spiritual ‘amateurs’ – you might not feel very qualified or good at making disciples of Jesus;
  • The gospel is only believed by a relatively small percentage of Aussies;
  • The gospel is not treasured but ignored or even opposed in our country.

But, you must remember the following —

  • Michael Leigh-Mallory is an amateur — and he struck gold! God doesn’t require you to be a ‘professional’ to contribute to us making disciples of Jesus. We can each play a part, so your part is valuable.
  • If you have believed the gospel you have ‘struck gold’ (in God’s kindness), and you have a treasure you can share that is more precious than even a million dollar coin.
  • God is working in Australia, Qld, Far North Qld, Cairns, Edge Hill area, your suburb … and he can work in and through your house. We need to believe that Christ can work IN US and THROUGH US.

The person who bought the coin will have it displayed at a U.K. museum, which is good: it will stay in that country and be seen (hopefully) by many. The gospel is here to stay in Australia, but it’s not just ‘a museum piece’: it’s the living and active power of God for salvation for many … and that’s even better than any million-dollar coin!