I sometimes very easily get distracted and go off on a tangent. And one occasion when I regularly get distracted is at 127 Prayer Ministry – sorry, Howard; it is not your fault; it is what I regularly do ☺.

Last Saturday morning at 127 Prayer Ministry (if you haven’t tried it, please come along and pray or just listen) we were asked to consider some Bible Readings and one of them was Psalm 97. Now, as it didn’t jump out at me, that is, I couldn’t remember what it said, I decided to read it and meditate on it.

Now, the verse that jumped out at me was verse 10, and it was the first part. I probably need to say that before I come to 127 Prayer, I usually do pray that our Lord will speak to whoever comes in a powerful way and therefore reveal to us what we need to also know. The first part of the verse says:

Let those who love the LORD, hate evil….

And this got me going. Like, do I hate evil, that is, not only believe it to be wrong, but actually hate it. Because that is one way we show our love to our Lord: we hate what is evil. Now, unfortunately, there are many things accepted today that go completely against what God says to be true and right and holy, but do we hate those things or just put up with them – and sort of accept them like that? After all, it is an expression of our love for the Lord if we hate those things.

And then this got me thinking about the New Testament, and what it says. Although we are to love even our enemies (Matthew 5:44), we are to also hate what is evil. For example, in Romans 12 (verse 9) we are told:

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

So, do I hate what is evil, and therefore is my love sincere and therefore do I really love our Lord? It has certainly got me thinking. Hate is such a strong word but so too is love. And one is told to do both, and they are very much linked. Hmmm…..

Trev xo