I’ve been reading ’For the Love of God’ (Volume 1) by Don Carson. It is a helpful read as I find it keeps me reading the Holy Bible, rather than give up or be inconsistent. And this week, part of the readings were Exodus 14 and Luke 17. And it got me going ☺. And when it does, I try to slow down and listen to what our Lord is really saying.

Exodus 14 is all about the millions of Israelites fleeing from the Egyptians and crossing the Red Sea. And there is a repetition of a theme that obviously highlights an important point. It is all about proving that the one true God does exist and it is therefore all about giving glory to him. And this is what got me going. Like, how does God prove himself. And how does he bring glory to himself (something Cam talked about last week)?

In this particular case, he not only hardens the hearts of the Egyptians (not just Pharoah’s), but he also kills them all, and in doing so, saves Israel. And this got me really going. Like, in saving Israel, he also killed a lot of people, an army of people – no one survived (verse 28). And I don’t like the fact that God kills, that God judges in this way. But that is how he showed – in this case – that he is the LORD and that all glory should go to him (but it wasn’t being done; Cf. Exodus 5:2 and today).

And then, like a good boy following along with what I am supposed to read for the day, I read Luke 17, and once again – and in this case, Jesus is talking – we are told what will one day happen (including to him) and it has all happened before. And what did he talk about? He tells us about what happened in the days of Noah and the days of Lot: including God destroyed people – many people.

All of this makes me feel so glad that he has chosen me (and therefore saved me), but it also tells me to be very careful, fearful of him. And it tells me that there is coming a time, irrespective of wars and pandemics, when he will ultimately show that he alone is God and therefore all glory must go to him.

Trev xo