At one level, I find the Bible incredibly helpful. It (God) tells us what to generally do in all the important circumstances. Take for instance the election last Sunday. I’m guessing that some of us might not want me to raise it, but it is just one of the examples I am talking about. The Bible tells us what to do about our government. One thing it says to do is to pray for them. The other thing it says to do is what to pray. And it is this latter bit that I want to very briefly focus on.

Not only are we told in 1 Timothy 2 to pray for our government but we are also told what our focus should be. And in this particular case, we are told to pray in order that we may live peaceful lives. May I remind all of us, including myself, as to what we’re told:

… that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.
(verse 2)

So, I ask myself and I ask all of us: Is this what we’ve been praying? Have we been praying for those in authority over us, in this case our government, so that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness? Or are some of us simply annoyed that they got in☺.

It makes me realise how much our Lord wants ‘peace and order’. It also has made me realise how important growth in godliness and holiness are. And it has made me realise that when there is peace and order, it seems that we should be able to more easily live a godly, holy life.

But that is not all. I would expect the next few verses (verses 3-7) to talk about what I’ve just realised afresh. But they tell us something very different. You see, it seems that when one can live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness, it provides an environment where Jesus is perhaps more easily proclaimed.

Not only does such peace and order please God our Saviour; not only does godliness and holiness please God our Saviour, but his truths are – it seems – more easily proclaimed to all. And the greatest of his truths is the one who is the truth, our Saviour: Christ Jesus. Some might say that politics and religion should not be discussed, but here we find that the right response to politics can lead one to Jesus. Hmm.

Trev xo