Back on April 22 we had Part 1 of ‘How do you follow-up ‘the high’’ i.e. how you and I should be living in light of Easter. But April can feel a long time ago now! So, what ongoing effects should Jesus’ death and resurrection have on you? How, then, should we live?

  • We need to keep stating, and reminding ourselves and giving ourselves to making disciples of Jesus. This is a key part of our TGS Mission Statement, because it is a key message of the Bible. Of course, Matthew 28:16-20 (The Great Commission) is often quoted, because they are key ‘last words’ of Jesus. So, how are you contributing this month to disciple-making? It can be an uncomfortable question to ask ourselves, but each of us should ask it. Maybe you are convicted by this question. Well, then, confession and repentance are appropriate. And forgiveness is, thus, guaranteed. There are many ways you can be a valuable part of making disciples. If it has fallen down as a priority for you, then resolve to give yourself afresh to it in the rest of 2022.
  • Another key implication of Easter is you and I being witnesses of Jesus. This seems to particularly mean sharing/telling the gospel to non-Christians e.g. Acts 1:8; 8:4 (done by ‘ordinary’ Christians), 35. So, firstly, do you know the gospel? If not, try or do Truth Explored (next course in a few months—talk to Cameron or Trev). Secondly, can you explain the gospel correctly and concisely? If not (again), see the Two Ways to Live website or ask at the Office for a TWTL tract. Thirdly, are you regularly praying for opportunities to say something about Jesus to people you meet? If not, add this to your regular prayer list (& start one if you don’t yet have one). Fourthly, are you on the lookout for opportunities?
  • Keep following Jesus yourself. We can’t just assume we’ll do this, but need to continue being deliberate and explicit about it. Before you think of what others are or are not doing, “… what is that to you? You follow Me!” (John 21:22b).

So, these are three (more) ways for you to ‘live out Easter’