Now upfront I need to say that I am not having a go at those who may have had this procedure done. The purpose of writing this, is certainly not that. I suppose I am writing this out of frustration as to how far the world has gone down the wrong track. Perhaps this has also made me realise that I was in the world too much.

Recently, and I’m sure many of you know this, a decision was made in the US Supreme Court that has resulted in pretty much reversing the progress of abortions. Some would know it as the reversal of the Roe v Wade ruling.

Almost immediately, thousands of people paraded in the streets cheering for this, as they had been protesting for years and years that the majority of abortions in the west these days are now sadly life style choices, and therefore taking the life of someone. I must admit that I just looked at what is called the ‘Worldometer’ and it says that almost 22 million abortions have already taken place just this year (in comparison, almost three years of COVID have so far resulted in 6 million deaths).

But in saying this, many thousands have also protested in the streets against this ruling, saying that abortions should be allowed. What got me really going was what I saw on the news here (my wife keeps telling me not to watch the news – maybe she is right😊). And it was just one of the many demonstrations here in Australia that were basically saying ’don’t get any ideas from the US – we still want abortions’. And then, what got me really, really going was what one young person wore on a placard, and it was also focussed on by the news’ program. The placard read:If God killed his son why can’t we?

The world has certainly changed heaps today. And I certainly don’t like it. It seems that our Lord is giving many people over to what they really want and even demand with placards and protests.

Oh Lord have mercy on us, and oh Lord especially help us to stand up for your name, your kingdom and your will in your church, as sadly parts of your church are going down the worldly path too.

Trev xo