In 1988 (I sometimes think it wasn’t that long ago – but it is now ☺) I did a discipleship course called Christianity Explained after Sue and I got our second son done, that is baptised. It is another story completely as to why I did this course and how we became followers of Jesus, but I did this course and I can still remember the basics of an illustration, and how one’s faith is based on facts and not on one’s feelings. And I have regularly found that to be so true and so helpful in my walk with Jesus.

One of the hardest times I have found in my Christian walk has been returning after annual leave. During this period I am all over the shop as I try to catch up. And I must admit that it was no different this time. I guess it is part-and-parcel with the spiritual battle that we are all in, but in saying this I have found the last two weeks quite hard indeed. You could say that, on occasions, my feelings have certainly got the better of me.

And so, I keep reminding myself of one of the most important facts. And what is it? It is all about him, not me. I also keep reminding myself of another fact: it is all about honouring him. And another fact: part of honouring him is simply doing what he says.

And so, rather than be swamped by all the negative stuff flying around – and there is certainly a lot at the moment (both in God’s church and in our society), I bring such stuff (i.e. stuff worth bringing) with thanksgiving before him (Philippians 4:6-7). I also think on stuff that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy. Yes, that is what I remind myself to think about (Philippians 4:8). That might mean I don’t listen to a lot of media type stuff, but I am all the better for it. It helps me reman faithful and it shapes my feelings for the better. What about you?

Trev xo