More than just great food – SNC Café

There is a ministry that many might not know about but that God has been using to grow and encourage his people in life and faith. What is this ministry? It is the Sunday night church (SNC) café. The 6pm service run a café style supper each month after the service. And why do they do that? What is it all about? Well, below is Jennie Casella’s answer. Jennie is the team leader of the café and a regular here at TGS.

Tables are set, food is prepared, candles are lit, lanterns are hung and after the last song is sung the SNC café begins. SNC café has been up and running for almost 12 months now. It happens every third Sunday of the month. There is a dedicated team from all 3 services who are enthusiastic to prepare and serve others. The SNC café is a hospitality ministry and has personally been an amazing blessing to me, with the chance to help build community in the congregation.

The café is designed to encourage the growth of deeper relationships and opportunities to talk about life and faith with those we worship with. This has definitely been the result. We praise God for the fruit of this ministry in people’s lives.

The last café (16th August) had the added bonus of the youth being involved as they were raising money for the 40 hour famine. I can confirm that their enthusiasm from milkshake making to washing dishes was infectious as they served. So, why not come along next time café is on and join us, sit down, relax and enjoy the fellowship as your faithful SNC café team serve you and our God.

The SNC café also has another purpose and that is to raise money for a charity. The team has chosen to support Barnabas Fund which helps persecuted Christians both physically and spiritually. They are doing wonderful things all over the world and we hear a lot about what they are doing in the Middle East where Islamic State are causing great harm to believers. We hope you are encouraged by the work God is doing here among his people in this ministry. And as Jennie said, feel free to come along and see for yourself next café is on 20th of September.

Chris Forder


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