Moving goal posts

I have mentioned to you before that I used to play soccer I sometimes like to think it was just the other day, but I know it is not. I used to be a striker and was told by our coach that I would need to average one goal per game fortunately I did. I guess I would have been dropped if I didnt. I was also given the inevitable task of taking penalties it might be a gloryposition to be a striker, but miss a penalty and you would wish the ground could swallow you up and I did miss one in a state championship final and so know that awful feeling!

And why do I mention this? I mention this as it would be even harder to score goals if someone kept moving the goal posts. And that is what we are finding each week in this coronavirus season: the goal posts keep getting moved. This means that the conditions of meeting together in church buildings keep changing and if anything are becoming more and more stringent. The Industry Plan, which we must adhere to for any groups meeting in church buildings, is already very stringent indeed.

As you know we have not been meeting on a Sunday in our church buildings for four months now. In saying this, some churches have recently decided to meet again in their church buildings on a Sunday, but they either have much larger facilities than we do or a much smaller church family than we do. You could say that in layman terms, we have a fairly clean 2 bedroom house but the new requirements say we need a meticulously kept 4 bedroom house! And as I have already mentioned, the degree of meticulousness (I think that is a word) keeps changing.

Would you please pray for your leaders here as we continue to consider what God would wants us to do? And would you also please catch up with other believers, as meeting together for the right reasons is instrumental for the growth of Gods church (Hebrews 10:2325). Perhaps you could join a Home Church; I know of many now meeting in peoples homes on a Sunday, which is wonderful. Or perhaps you could have some people over to your own place for a Home Church. And please support the various ministries and in that way catch up with one another. Yes, please make the effort to connect with other believers as we continue to meet offsite. If anything this should be a time of good, healthy growth in Gods church. It should also be a time of sharing the good news about Jesus with unbelievers and his goal posts never change!




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