Myths that stop us from making disciples

Friends, our mission at TGS is to make disciples of Jesus to the glory of God. And what I find most comforting about our mission is that we don’t do this on our own. God himself equips and empowers us to make disciples (new ones and continuing ones). Yet in knowing this I still struggle. In fact, many struggle, feeling that we are not equipped enough for discipleship or we wouldn’t know where to start and so on. Some myths that contribute to this are:

  1. I can’t disciple someone because I am not “godly” enough. While some are in a place where they should not be discipling someone, most of us sell ourselves short. Even the most average Christian knows to pray, read the Bible, confess sins and obey God’s word. Take heart we are able!
  2. Only older people can disciple younger people. Friends, age doesn’t matter in discipleship. Paul tells Timothy not to let anyone look down on him because of his age. Younger people can disciple older people and we can disciple and be discipled by people our own age.
  3. I have to disciple someone who is less spiritually mature than me. Not always does one need to be the disciple and the other the disciple maker. The Bible talks about how iron sharpens iron. We learn from one another in different ways, it doesn’t always matter about spiritual maturity. Simply meet together to spur one another on towards love and good deeds Hebrews 10.
  4. I can’t disciple others while I am being discipled. The opposite of this is true. Really we should always be discipled while at the same time discipling others.
  5. I can’t disciple others because I still struggle with sin. Welcome to the club. If we couldn’t disciple people until we conqueror all our sins, then no-one would be discipled ever! While there are sins that disqualify people from discipleship, most people are not in that category. And even if you are, you can be restored through spiritual restoration.


There are many more myths we could look at but the bottom line is that we are commanded to make disciples. We may have concerns or worries or even barriers to overcome, but rest in the knowledge that if God has commanded it, than he not only expects you to obey it, but he will empower and help you to obey it through his Holy Spirit, his Holy Word and his Holy people.

So, please let me strongly encourage you to look around at church over the next few weeks and pray about who God wants you to approach and ask about being discipled. Either someone you can bless or to be maturely encouraged so that we will be marked by discipleship to the glory of God.



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September 13, 2020